Did you know that there is a customised loan for doctors?

Yes, there’s a special personal loan just for doctors by Bajaj Finserv, which makes getting financing easier, quicker and more convenient.

Specialised personal loans for doctors allow general physicians, specialists, homoeopaths and dentists to get a loan with ease and without any of the hassles associated with conventional financing. So whether it is to finance a wedding, pay for a holiday or to renovate your home, you can access the funds you need with a simple online application.

Here’s a look at the features of a personal loan for doctors:

Exclusive personal loan for doctors up to Rs.30 lakh
While other professionals may or may not get access to a high loan amount, as a doctor, you can be rest assured that you can access money up to Rs.30 lakh via a customised personal loan for doctors.

Attractive interest rate
Since this loan is a professional loan, it is offered to doctors at a lower rate of interest, as compared to standard personal loans. Not only does this make EMIs more affordable, it also makes the loan more cost-effective.
Money in bank in 24 hours
If an unexpected need arises, you can’t wait for days for your loan to be sanctioned. A personal loan for doctors keeps this in mind and ensures speedy approval and quick disbursal.

Exclusive Flexi loan facility enabling doctors to pay interest as EMIs
A unique benefit offered by this loan is that it gives you access to the flexi loan facility. When your monetary needs are unpredictable, you can choose the flexi loan facility, which allows you to withdraw money as and when you need it. The best part is that you pay interest only on the sum used by you. Interest isn’t calculated on the balance until you use it. The principal component is payable at the end of the tenor.

No collateral or guarantor needed
You aren’t required to pledge collateral or nominate a guarantor when you apply for a personal loan for doctors. This keeps your assets safe.

Simple eligibility criteria
The main eligibility criterion for this loan is your medical certification. Barring this, you only have to submit a handful of basic documents to avail a personal loan.

If you’re a physician scouting for options to fund personal needs, it doesn’t get better than a loan for doctors. Bajaj Finserv’s Personal Loan for Doctors is one such option that offers all these benefits. Right from a flexible tenor to quick disbursal and high loan amount, it gives you all the advantages of a personal loan for doctors.


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